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Steam and Stars for 2024



Steady as she goes, Aries! The year 2024 is steaming into view with vigour and ingenuity. The ever-turning celestial gears are drawing the north node into your sign for the entire year. This cycle comes around only once every two decades. Brace yourself for a year of heightened purpose and possibility.

Verily, align your forthcoming escapades with a lofty will. Assert your wishes, needs, and desires as you venture ahead. Lo, you can harness the influence of the north node in Aries to steer your year with purpose. However, it shall also calibrate your compass with lessons of balance, cooperation, and mutual accord. Seek partnerships and agreements wherein the triumph is mutual and shared by all.

The Lunar Eclipse at the end of March will reveal that which lays in shadows, bringing the unconscious into consciousness and dreams into reality. With the moon in Libra, this is a time to make peace with your shadow self. Next in the chronicles of the year 2024, there shall be a Total Solar Eclipse in Aries. Set aside the first half of April for a balancing of diplomacy and idealism with daring individuation. This energy is eager to call out what is not fair and ready to act accordingly. Pause, just long enough, to assess the consequences of a rash action — is it heroic or egoic? To help navigate April’s quandaries (Mercury is Retrograde in your sign for most of the month), strive to listen to the voices of others while maintaining the steadfastness of one's own convictions.

When Jupiter enters Gemini in the last week of May, ramp up your communication. Ask for feedback, then make the Annular Solar Eclipse in October your target date for tying up April’s loose ends. All up, trust your intuition to guide you through this year of growth and self-reclamation. You will know where your mettle is and just what you are capable of by year’s end. Keep your gears well-oiled and your destiny pointed towards success.

Pursue a grander purpose and the victory will be shared by all.

*Check your local sky guide for times and dates.

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Consistency and invention are your steadfast allies in 2024. This is no contradiction but a call to constant innovation. Behold, Jupiter and Uranus, the planets of fortune and ingenuity, converge in the sign of Taurus for the first half of the year. Both planets were retrograde as 2023 neared its close. Jupiter went Station Direct on the last day of December and Uranus joins the forward flow at the end of January. This celestial shift will be felt as a liberating release peaking with a rare Jupiter-Uranus conjunction (in Taurus!) on April 20. Mark this date on your calendar with a bold and glowing star befitting your thoroughly modernised mechanisms for future success.

Plans and notions that erstwhile strained against the currents of advancement shall now frolic with the mirth of newly lubricated springs. The Total Solar Eclipse in April, while asserting no dramatic change in your external circumstance, shall wield its influence as a subtle tuning of your internal gears and processes. Harness this ethereal energy by contemplating the deeper meaning and the role you play in the unfolding tapestry of your destiny as you approach your birthday.

Use the fortnight commencing with the New Moon in Taurus (8th May) to your full advantage. Sow the seeds for emotional stability and inner serenity. Focus your energies on quality over quantity in matters of relationships and achievements. As Jupiter transitions from Taurus to Gemini in the waning days of May, recall the value of walking your talk and talking your walk.

Allow your passions to heighten when Venus graces Taurus from the middle of May to the middle of June. When you feel words are eclipsing action, be mindful that Mars shall traverse your sign from mid-July until the denouement of August. Though action may seem risky then, remember that security can blossom from the seeds of audacity. Be poised and prepared to embark upon ventures that defy convention.

Audacious ventures lead to emotional stability.

*Check your local sky guide for times and dates.

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Jupiter, the planet of prosperity and good fortune, will grace Gemini with its presence from the 25th of May right through to the middle of 2025. Serendipity is a fierce friend to those skilled in the art of communication in the second half of 2024. Further your auspicious lead in this area by decluttering your wings and your timetable. Create vacancies in your heart, mind and schedule where novelty can nest, and you’ll be watching your ideas take flight like clockwork butterflies from your birthday onward.

Don’t expect Jupiter to announce its arrival in your sign with a light show. Turn up, be present, be accountable, and luck will finesse the details, so you find yourself in the right places, talking to the right people, at the right times. This cannot happen if you hide your ideas away – so do what you do best and let your dual nature shine and rise to all occasions. You can be independent and connected.

Your first week of October will be boosted by a Solar Eclipse with a New Moon in Libra. Embrace your versatility and don't be afraid to explore uncharted territories. A blend of wit and ingenuity will be your greatest assets as you navigate the complexities of the cosmos. And then, have a rest. Book a week or a long weekend somewhere quiet in October. 

End the year with the Full Moon in Gemini aligning with Mercury going Direct in Sagittarius on the 15th of December. As you wind down for the holidays don’t pack away your appreciation for the subtlety and power of language. Bestow the gift of expressing your true intent. Cease speaking and let the essence of your purpose and emotions shine through all you do.

Should your voice be unheard, let actions be your testimony.

*Check your local sky guide for times and dates.

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Dive into the depths of your feelings and use them to steam power your endeavours in 2024. The moon is set to guide your instincts with the precision of a finely tuned chronometer, so welcome its presence and influence. Seize the energies bestowed by the Lunar Eclipse in late March to seek equilibrium, and again in mid-September to invigorate the tides of your heart, preparing them for an emotionally enriching sojourn through to the year’s end.

You may feel the North Node at work in your career zone as a sense of dissatisfaction steering you toward something different. Work with the Alignment of Jupiter and Uranus in April and Early May to help you dream outside the lines and not just imagine something bigger, but to believe it is within your reach. With the susurrations of the New Moon in Cancer at the beginning of July, extend your perception of what is possible just a modicum further.

Step right up for a promotion or a change of department or start a side venture. Should you desire a more audacious leap into an entirely new vocation or enterprise, synchronise your actions with the solar eclipse energies. Commence planning and investing for your aspirations in March to set the stage for a bold stride or launch in the month of October.

There is potential for you to create a brave new realm for yourself in 2024. Your tools of success include strong personal and professional boundaries. Navigate the tributaries of discomfort not by evasion, but by thoughtful introspection. Talk or journal through uneasiness, be honest, but more so, be brave. Embrace the warmth of connection with those who appreciate the intricacies of your steampunk soul. 

Ascension through courage, intuition and connection.

*Check your local sky guide for times and dates.

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Luxuriate in a lazy entrance into 2024 with amiable companionship for the first three weeks of January. Extend your New Year festivities with regal idleness and indulge in brunches and rendezvous with both familiar acquaintances and those freshly acquired. The jubilant bonds you nurture will be a source of sustenance throughout the passing year. Once the Full Moon in Leo rolls around at the end of January, the grand dance of 2024 will truly begin to unfurl for you.

You may have learned to conceal your radiance to avoid wearisome accusations of ostentation or attention-seeking. Please, prepare to ascend into the limelight as your distinct ideas are being summoned to the forefront. Jupiter and Uranus, a lucky and purposeful duo, are joining their celestial forces in your tenth house — adorning it with allure and elevating your social stature. The Solar Eclipse in Aries at the beginning of April adds an urgency to your visions. It may feel as if the world has finally caught on to what you’ve been proposing, cranking up demand.

When Jupiter moves into Gemini at the end of May, you may expect the fuss to wane. Yet, the dial of progress continues upward. It’s not time to rest, but you can surround yourself with people you feel rested with. Collaboration is your salvation. Within your safe and supportive circle, the flow of creation will be sustained and celebrated. It is not the work, but rivalry that tires you. Be with those whose joy and gratitude are unguarded.

The New Moon in Leo at the beginning of August coincides with Mercury going Retrograde in Virgo. Focus on the broader canvas (your relationships and joy factor) and let the details care for themselves. Mercury will be Direct in Leo at the end of August opening communication in time to start planning your final fanfare for the year. Synchronise your last big push for glory in 2024 with the Solar Eclipse at the beginning of October. 

And then, exquisite feline, you can end the year in the manner in which it was begun. Start the holiday season early, allocating more time to gifting inspiring dialogue and a compassionate ear to all you encounter. It is in these spacious intervals that people might misconstrue as inactivity that you do your greatest work.

Light up your lamp, cry ‘All aboard’ and bring everyone along for a ride of prestige.

*Check your local sky guide for times and dates.

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In the intricate world of steam, pullies and levers, your meticulous nature gleams. 2024 unfurls with Jupiter and Uranus aligned in Taurus, a fellow earth sign and proponent of practicality. Fortune and purpose are on the side of efficacy, yet you must give it some space where it can work its magic. 

Mercury, your planetary ruler, moves into Sagittarius in the second week of January. While Uranus is still retrograde (until the end of January) you have an opportune window for tinkering with your New Year resolutions and ensuring they aren’t too entirely sensible. Oil your plans and routines with imagination, flexibility and a ready sense of adventure — three virtues that shall assist your travels throughout the year.

With the Lunar Eclipse in Libra at the end of March, be prepared to see the ‘stranger’ in yourself or in someone close to you. Take the opportunity to acknowledge and accept what you see. This may not be a call to embrace imperfections, but rather to release the very notion of perfection. It is a bold moon that will help you love and be loved, unicorn flaws and all.

This energetic shift may manifest as a surge of self-acceptance. Endeavour to befriend this feeling and incorporate it into your comfort zone before the Jupiter and Uranus conjunction on the 20th of April heralds a curious and unfamiliar adventure. To summon the courage for such a leap, you’ll want a secure landing point.

Your feet might just be touching ground when Mercury goes retrograde in Virgo at the beginning of August. Book a tranquil interlude (some you time) ahead of the New Moon in Virgo in the first week of September. This month is opportune for reviewing resolutions and exploring fresh avenues in career and practical financial pursuits. 

Compile a list, scrutinise it and gather any relevant information in anticipation of the Solar Eclipse in Libra at the beginning of October. You may find yourself seeking an outcome that is fair for multiple parties. With so much to consider, you may grapple with indecision. Resist frustration and harness the elevated Libran New Moon energy to reach for a peaceful, harmonious result.

With Saturn retrograde in Aquarius from midyear, your decision to embrace novelty back in January will be a point of satisfaction. When Saturn goes direct mid-November, you might even miss its quirkiness. To sum up … 2024 promises to be one etched in memory as you add many adventurous firsts to your tapestry.

Plan space for the unexpected and enjoy its auspicious arrival.

*Check your local sky guide for times and dates.

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The lunar south node will be in Libra throughout 2024. In the ballet of the stars, this turn occurs every 18 to 20 years heralding karmic lessons and life path energies. Your delicate sense of balance will heighten. In some areas, harmony will feel natural and breezy. Thus, attuned to the ethereal symphony, you may be hyper-aware of discordance. Lean right into the Jupiter-Uranus alliance in Taurus between January and the last dawns of May for grounding and patience. Let not the trifles of existence detract from the grander tapestries and opportunities unfurling before you.

Don your celestial goggles, even in the realm of Morpheus, for you are bound for many strange and illuminating visions. This year, already so pregnant with potential, shall open exquisite portals of possibility during the Solar Eclipses at the end of March and the early days of October. And with both eclipses in Libra, you will have a red-carpet invitation. To make the most of your access to pivotal motion, know what you want in advance.

Within this year’s panorama, preparation is everything, so make January your biggest month. Work with the New Moon in Capricorn (11th January) while Uranus is still in retrograde to set the wheels of will in motion. Pose the big questions to your higher vision: who are you, what do you want, how do you aspire to feel and onto which shores shall your terrestrial quest deliver you? This envisioning is a balm of self-care that will be your anchor amidst the influx of information and prospects you will encounter this year. Make your choices in advance and command your destiny.

Can mutuality, independence, experimentation and security dance together with grace? Oh, absolutely, they can! Let the world settle after October. Ground the changes you want to keep with the New Moon in Scorpio at the beginning of November and release everything else to the Full Moon in Taurus a few weeks later. Any radical threads of fate that remain untethered will likely look after themselves once Saturn in Aquarius comes out of retrograde in mid-November.

You may wish to acknowledge the New Moon in Capricorn as the curtain closes on December to bookend your year by revisiting those big questions. Marvel at the wonderful companions and encounters of 2024 and the quantum leaps made on the planes of emotion, creativity and spirituality.

Prepare for an odyssey and command your destiny.

*Check your local sky guide for times and dates.

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In the chronicles of 2023, Pluto embarked on its transition from the dominion of Capricorn to the uncharted realms of Aquarius. This celestial migration continues through 2024, casting its ethereal influence upon the collective consciousness. As Pluto is your ruling planet, you are the barometer of this cosmic metamorphosis, sensing the first shimmers of this energetic shift more keenly than most.

Pluto exudes potency far beyond its diminutive and distant nature. Representing transformation, sexuality, and regeneration, its influence extends into the recesses of the subconscious, to the intricate forces that play clandestine roles within. Welcome Pluto’s invitation to befriend your hidden self in 2024 and traverse the labyrinthine corridors of your psyche.

Drives and impulses that seem unbidden, forces of passion or instinct, are linked to Pluto’s influence. Thus, Pluto’s character is often described as dark, intense and broody. However, not all that lies in shadows is bleak, not all that is hidden is harmful, and instinct need not be negative. Indeed, luminosity and treasures are kept safe in darkness, tucked away like seeds in the earth, waiting for the right moment to bloom. But, oh dear Scorpio, I shan’t bore you with wisdom you’ve tried to share with the rest of us so long.

Pluto’s dalliance with Aquarius began in 2023 with the feel of an on-again-off-again affair. After a retrograde return to Capricorn in September, Pluto will make a dedicated move to Aquarius in November. Pluto in Aquarius looks good on you. You’ll be feeling less suspicious of people’s intentions as authority and tradition relax their guard over the collective consciousness and clear the way for vision and innovation. It’s a welcome change as you discover safe spaces for your ideas, hopes, and feelings. The Solar Eclipse in April will boost your capacity to trust and collaborate, and your selective friendship circle will continue to grow.

The Saturn-Uranus Alliance in Taurus will see amplified growth and opportunity for you February and April and may seem to unravel in September and October. Remember a retrograde planet only appears to be traveling backward. Any slowing or undoing is an illusion. Engage with the New Moon in Scorpio (1st November), and by mid-month, you’ll be well placed to see the finer workings of your destiny have been moving ever brilliantly in your favour.

Dethrone the unjust. Release, rewrite and crown your bright new legacy.

*Check your local sky guide for times and dates.

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Let the gears of curiosity propel you to novel horizons this year. Remember, once the arrow or the hawk is released, you cannot control the outcome. Fate will work its interference, but luck is on your side. Continue to aim true and let the auspicious pairing of your planetary ruler, Jupiter, with the innovative and unpredictable Uranus, work their magic. Their alliance is one of benevolent mischief.

You could try to dip your toes into unexplored territory in 2024 — but look out! Step close to the edge, and you’ll be pushed into flying, diving, or dancing right in, full steam ahead! If you are not ready for something wonderfully surprising, hermit yourself away for the entirety of April when the Solar Eclipse and Jupiter-Uranus conjunction will be throwing game-changing invitations and opportunities your way.

Dedicate the first weeks of May to laying foundations, planning for success, gathering knowledge, and resetting your cosmic aim. This will put you in good stead for the last week of May when the Full Moon in Sagittarius all but aligns with Jupiter’s transition from Taurus to Gemini. A farewell at this time will evolve into a fabulous beginning that may put you in the spotlight.

You will have news and opportunities to share from June to September. There is no joy in keeping them to yourself, not that you would try! This period will be about partnership and relationship building and blossoming. Make time to be with people aimlessly — to languish in incidental and free-flowing conversation.

The idealism of the Solar Eclipse at the beginning of October sets the scene for a sojourn into reflection with Jupiter travelling retrograde until February 2024. The wellspring of abundance you’ve had access to in the material world isn’t drying up but shifting its flow to your inner space. Mine the wonders of 2024 through meditation and contemplation and end the year transformed.

Aim true, then release your plans to the workings of fortune.

*Check your local sky guide for times and dates.

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Pluto has been gliding through your sign since 2008. You may have accepted the recurring cycle of destruction and renewal as an inevitable component of  your cosmic machinery. In 2023, a novel alternative began its unveiling. Revelation! You can draw golden lessons from any challenge without dramatic reenactments or revisitations. Alternate avenues—gilded passages!—offer a more seamless route to understanding and transformation. With Pluto’s migration into Aquarius, you can bid farewell to the conventional and begin to make leaps, quantum style.

This monumental shift will reverberate through the domains of finance, security and ambition. It will need to convince your bastions of its good intent. Fortuitously, you are afforded a gradual acclimatisation. The transition commenced in March 2023, and the oscillation between prudence and audacity shall settle in the course of 2024. A forewarning: the to and fro will generate enough friction to ignite the rulebook.

While there have been hints of rainbows ahead, the Capricorn New Moon and Pluto’s movement into Aquarius in January will elevate the glimmers. Sceptical? Experiment for yourself. Divert your awesome powers of troubleshooting and deducing risk to the detection of opportunities and potential. Lucky Jupiter and inventive Uranus shall align their forces in Taurus, magnifying the results of your well-oiled endeavours, until the end of May. There can be no other logical conclusion my friend: there are good times ahead!

Yet … it’s permissible to harbour reservations about the reality of easy wins. Your suspicions may find validation when Pluto retrogrades into Capricorn in June. This is not confirmation that prosperity can only be yours through diligent and determined effort. Now you’ve imbibed Aquarius’ elixir, you’ll welcome its tantalising tide without resistance when it returns in November. You might even consider exchanging your cynicism for optimism. The change would be an apt compliment to your newfound sense of ‘arrival’.

You have a choice to make before the year’s end. You can work just as hard for twice the wins or ease up, relax a little and let some of the success take care of itself. Either way, you’re on an upward spiral. Look after yourself, not because it’s sensible, but because you want to enjoy the spoils of your brilliance well into the future.

There’s no need to rebuild the tired path once you realise you have wings. Enjoy the ascent!

*Check your local sky guide for times and dates.

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When Pluto last traversed the midnight zones of the water bearer, the Montgolfier brothers invented the hot air balloon, and the Treaty of Paris closed the curtain on the American Revolutionary War. And who could forget the intrepid determination of the Vancouver Expedition to circumnavigate the globe with their fine ships, establishing contact with no less than five continents? Pluto began making a return to the auspices of Aquarius in March 2023 with intermittent retreats into Capricorn. Come mid-November, the diminutive yet influential planet will settle into your house of identity until 2043. With its alchemical essence extending to the collective consciousness and, more intimately, to the clandestine aspects of your steampunk soul, 2024 is a year for metamorphosis. Pull up a rocket chair, dear Aquarius, and get cosy with adventures of the innovative and transformative kind.

Any idealism you may have concealed (or reserved for fellow innovators) in the Age of Capricorn is not merely acknowledged by Pluto’s shift but welcomed as the way of the future. Your bespoke, peculiar and authentic components are to be celebrated above conformity. Reveal the threads of your unique magic as Pluto’s soiree with authority gives way to revolution at your leisure. You can unfurl the brilliance of your true self on your own terms. In an age of sparkling individualism, you can afford to take your time — you are well ahead of the race.

Aquarius’ ruling planet, Uranus, begins the year in an alliance with Jupiter in Taurus. Use January to find a steady foothold for 2024. The workings of fate and fortune will shift gears when Uranus moves out of retrograde at the end of January. Every twist or challenge is steering you higher or revealing a brighter treasure. Make a habit of seeing potential in mishaps. Forgive or release familial mayhem so you can step into a new sense of self-acceptance. This auspicious energetic opportunity peaks when Jupiter and Uranus are in exact conjunction on the 20th of April. Embracing your quirks and evolving your ideas and feelings of what it means to be family will turn the dials of chance and destiny in your favour.

Uranus’ movement into Gemini at the end of May will boost your ability to articulate your ideas. Being heard and understood with more clarity will boost your confidence. Should all the talk begin to feel like a lot of hot air, it’s time for balloons! You will be drawn to the joys of working with creative and entrepreneurial spirits and feeling more at home in realms where you can write your own adventure. You are likely to meet some new playmates who can re-enthuse each other when Uranus moves into retrograde in September. However, with the Lunar Eclipse in Pisces mid-September and the Solar Eclipse in Libra at the beginning of October, the application of imagination to idealism won’t pause for long!

Behold, you will also have Saturn’s steadfast support for your rebellion against the tired and untrue this year. When you feel the planets are too tightly stacked in your invention room, retreat into the fantastic world of plan-making, to-do lists and dream journaling. Even astronauts and time travellers deserve and can benefit from a little mundane time.

Rebel into the embrace of unique wisdom and self-realisation.

*Check your local sky guide for times and dates.

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Dreams to plan and plans to dream are the submariners of your 2024. There are unseen yet constant influences at work, adjusting your navigational devices so you can outsmart your unconscious saboteurs and enjoy the benefit of the marvel-tinted lens of the raised periscope. Dear Pisces, you must venture out of the water sometime … or do you?

You may begin the year drunk on the temptation that life would be better experienced from the other side of the safety glass. The knowledge that comes from observation will get you only so far. Suppositions must be tested against reality so they can transform into experiential wisdom. You can relax into the chancy currents of fate but do engage with the paddle when you sense rapids ahead.

Between the New Moon in Pisces and the Lunar Eclipse in Libra in March, you may wonder whether you will lose something vital by addressing a hurt. Whatever you release through healing is unessential. Indeed, something wonderful is waiting for you to create a space for it. There is no need to balance the comfort of the familiar against the consequences of change. Hoping for something that will never be is energy better spent wading into deeper waters of possibility.

The ripples created when you plunge toward your chosen destiny in March may grow into waves before the Partial Lunar Eclipse in Pisces in September. Logic and mysticism can make a strong partnership, just as having a step-by-step plan will bring your dreams closer to reality. Shore up your clarity around what you want before October’s Solar Eclipse with the New Moon in Libra.

As the curtains close on 2024, you will feel that karmic ties have been cleared, and lessons have been anchored. You might also wonder how you sailed through those events with your fins not just intact, but with some added shine and flourish. Ha! You have long realised that tides and times wait for no one, so it’s best to make the most of their flow.

Trust the gears of intuition to guide you through the fluid concepts of time, space, and reality.

*Check your local sky guide for times and dates.

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