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  • "I had the absolute pleasure of being the first person ever to do a reading with the beautiful ‘Maxine Gadd’s Zoologica - The Steampunk Oracle’ written by the ever wonderful Leela Williams. The accuracy and jumpiness of the first read was INSANE."

    Christabel Jessica
    Spiritual Coach & Oracle Creator
    Gold Coast, Australia

  • "The soulful grace of the steampunk-inspired messages transcends the mundane and speaks to my soul. As Leela's lyrical words dance with the whimsy of Maxine's imagery, I am transported to realms where answers are remembered and clarification is enlightened. The delight this deck offers to me is no lightweight, just for fun creation, yet I find myself laughing as the messages ring true and the cogs turn, shifting my focus to the whispers awaiting." 

    Laila Savolainen
    Inspirational Author & Artist
    South Australia

  • "I am in love with them. I enjoy them. They are different, and unique – which is always great. I love the meanings. It’s different to read, but I like it. Different is good."

    Natalie - Awakened Intuitives Tarot
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