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  • Precious Gems Oracle

    Maxine Gadd has fused the wonder of her Imaginarium with the world of gemstones to create an oracle that flawlessly unites practical, earth-based guidance with blessings and higher knowledge. Each card puts a face to a gemstone, so you can relate to its energy on a personal level. 

    • 40 cards and 100-page guidebook
    • Physical and healing properties of 40 precious stones
    • Associations, interesting facts and cultural uses
    • Unique gem-themed layouts for readings or contemplation
    • Affirmations to help you attune to the vibration, message and healing of the stones
    • Inspired verse and divinatory meanings by Leela J. Williams
  • Add a little Zoologica to notebooks, personalise laptops or drink bottles with these gorgeous, durable and waterproof stickers. The eye-catching designs and vibrant colours bring magic to the mundane. 

    The stickers can, of course, also be used in your oracle journal or as an everyday reminder of the cards' wisdom and messages. 

    Propeller Head Wombat says: "Take your sea at the helm, set your course and pull the lever. Hold tight! - this ship is built to burst through glass ceilings."

  • Take the magic of the Zoologica with you with these stunning pinback buttons. Add to a jacket, a bag or hat and your steampunk, zodiac or precious gem totem will be with you, always. 

    • Round pinback buttons for instant awesome, just about anywhere
    • Made with scratch- and UV-resistant Mylar
    • Responsibly produced. Printed to order, just for you

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